In the beginning...

Manga Masters started as small forum in Decemeber 2005.

Early 2007, PaintChat was added to our arsenal.

We grew and made our presence known at London MCM Expo by handing out flyers in 2008 and teaming up with Anime League, ALCon and Kitacon (view the flyer).

Where are we now?

Manga Masters is now a bigger community where people go to socialise and have fun. Making new friends and sharing their favourite interests.

Put your hands together for...

All these people have contributed in their own way to make Manga Masters a better place. I can't thank them enough for all the time, support and effort they have poured into this website.

My personal and special thanks goes to:

Roy, Forum Moderator
ChoopyChoo, Forum Moderator
Ph3onix, Forum Moderator
TyLowell, PaintChat Moderator
Sheepy, PaintChat Moderator + FAQ
Kaine, PaintChat Moderator
Odium, PaintChat Moderator
Aoi, PaintChat Moderator
Bombah, Retired PaintChat Modetator
Kidd, Support
Shalom, Cheerleading Squad

Support Us

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You can also help us by donating to the website. This helps pay for the monthly server fees and guarantuees future upgrades to the site. Anything you give is greatly appreciated.