Banning problem

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Banning problem

Postby Flash » Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:00 am


Due some lack of foresight, I made a mistake with the server config.
Anyone who may understand this may explanation, may revel in their extreme geekiness.

Technical explanation:
The Webserver was recently configured to run Nginx with Apache2 as a reverse proxy, but there is a minor flaw with this setup. The Apache2 cannot distinguish between different users IP's and assigns all incoming requests as (localhost).
Hence when someone tried to ban a user via the forum on, all users were banned at the same time (causing a global ban).

Since this is highly annoying, I am going to switch the config to regular Apache2 setup without Nginx. Until Nginx solves this bug in their software, it's not really going to be practical for Manga Masters.

Non-technical explanation:
Everyone got assigned the same IP address, so when the IP got banned, we all got banned. D'oh.

Registrations Notice
Due to the issue, it also has affected registrations, so registrations have been closed temporarily...
Anyone who registered after Friday lunchtime on June 24th will be removed, you will have to re-register (sorry for the inconvenience).

Registrations will be re-opened when I have changed the server config. I'll post another announcement when it's done.
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