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Newbie Guide: Forums

Postby MangaMasters » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:13 am

Hello sweetpeas! Our team welcomes you to Mangamasters with open arms! This is a guide for those new to Mangamasters' Forum section. Our paintchat moderator Rara will be heading a guide for the main reason everyone is here; the paintchat section. For now though, I am here to show you the abouts with some non-paintchat features of MangaMasters!

Lets Start at the Top!

1.png (42.58 KiB) Viewed 33432 times

Social Media Links: These buttons link guests and members to the MangaMasters various social media outlets! On the rare case that the site is having technical issues, please check Twitter for any possible updates!

The Navigation Bar: For different sections of the site; Home page, Forums, Paintchat rooms, Phrases of Japanese in Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji, Offer to volunteer to help the site by Private Messaging the site owner directly, what MangaMasters is all about, Frequently Asked Questions about paintchat, and a place to Donate to keep this site running for all to use!

The User Toolbar: This contains links to a registered members User Control Panel ( where you can edit your profile and send private messages to other members ), as well a Search option for specific forum topics or Members, as well as a FAQ for the forums! This Newbie Guide will be about the bare basics with visual examples; the forum FAQ however is also an amazing resource for any questions that has not been covered in this guide!

The Index

2.png (122.68 KiB) Viewed 33429 times

Here we have our Board Index. There are 3 different Boards with 4 forums each. Some even have subforums! Theyre like folders for more specific information!

Manga Masters: This is the Board for the overall site; News about upcoming features, a chance to introduce yourself, requesting help with a technical problem, or posting up a report of trouble being caused.

General: Here is where everyone can go to talk! It is a place for a community to come together and share photos, opinions on a game or latest episode, sign up for paintchat based roleplay, or try to see if there is anyone to buddy around with in another language!

Artwork: Paintchats' main purpose is for bringing those who love to draw together, and that is the purpose of the Artwork board. You can either create your own sketchbook for all to see your work, check out the various group events--the Master Jams are quite popular!, look for non-paintchat drawing software reviews, and share the works of artists that inspire you to keep drawing.

The Topics are how many individual user-made discussions are made. That 414 next to " Say Hello! " means there are 414 different discussions made of people saying hello that are new to the site!

The Last Post is all information on the last discussion that was posted in, the user that posted, and when!

Who's online?

3.png (88.64 KiB) Viewed 33407 times

Here we have a real-time chatbox! On the left you will see what users are browsing the Forum page. Although the chat is accessible on the paintchat page as well, it doesn't have a user list! Mods will often use this to give a shout out to certain events or forum boards!

Right below that is who is online; the registered users browsing about the pages ( there usually are more of them on the paintchat board than there are that show up on this list ), and members have been active within the past day.

Now lets talk about the Legend. The dark blue color that are un-bolded are regular members; people who are open to any of the public rooms. The names in Purple are Star Members; they are members moderators have taken note of for good sportsmanship thus permitting them into the Star Rooms at their pleasure.

Want to become a Star Member? Please make sure to follow this simple guide to see if you qualify.

Our Staff


Global Moderators

Paintchat Moderators

Inside the forums

Manga Masters • View forum - Show Your Artwork.png
Manga Masters • View forum - Show Your Artwork.png (53.78 KiB) Viewed 33397 times

When you click on any of the boards, you will be able to see the available topics. Any important Announcements will be at the top; some announcements are special to just a certain board, others are Global Announcements that are seen in all of the boards.

In the Topics section, you will see what topics are named by users, who the user is that made them and when. There will also be information on how many people have looked at this page as well as how many replies there have been. Replies can either be made by the topic owner or by another member commenting.

Sticky posts, like the one with the ! in the bubble, are posts that stick to the top of the page. This is to ensure that certain information for this board is seen; if a post is not posted in for a while but others are, it could get bumped off the front page.

Red * posts are posts that you have posted in and some topics have more than one page; you can automatically jump to another page by clicking on the desired number.

New Topic buttons are there for you to make your own topic; to ask questions or share pictures, or to see if anyone would be up for discussion... just make sure your post is in the right board! If it isn't, the mods will contact you and move it to the appropriate board.

There is also an option to jump right to another Board, who is currently looking at the same board you're on, and what you are allowed to do on that forum!

Posting a Reply

Manga Masters • Post a reply.png
Manga Masters • Post a reply.png (390.21 KiB) Viewed 33396 times

This is the space you will be using to reply to people on the forums!

There are a few basic features you can do to your text ( from left to right )

bold italics underline

and there are some tricky/more advanced features.

Code allows you to place code without it activating on your post, which ill use in the next few examples.

List is a rather obvious tool, but why are there two?

Code: Select all

  • looks
  • like
  • this.

Code: Select all
 [list=1][*] The

  1. looks
  2. like
  3. this!

You can also make the list=a, so when you bullet the items.. it comes up as a b c.

Img will allow you to embed images via url
Code: Select all
 [img] enter url here [/img]

Urls will allow you to make a linkable sentence
Code: Select all
 [url=] like this! [/url]

Flash will allow you to post flash urls onto your post. I still need to experiment with this one! But you can hover your cursor over the Flash button and itll tell you what you need to input.

The normal is actually a sizing function.

Font Color allows you to change the color of words/sentences. Just make sure its something legible please!

align can
put your text
all over the page

then there is simple little strike, spoilers :X and, like with Flash, the ability to place Youtube videos!

To the right of your posting space are smilies and little onion men you can choose from to help your text mood. There are more than just what is shown, though! Click the View More Smilies to see the rest! @hero@

Below submit and Preview is a tab where you can upload pictures and place them inline, much like my photos here in this guide! Below that even further is a review of the topic you're posting on. You can quote something another person is saying earlier in the topic as well as scroll back to check your information if you're responding to a question/debate.

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