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Rules of PaintChat

Postby Lahti » Tue May 27, 2014 9:00 pm

Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at anytime, so please check back every so often for any rule changes.

Not following the rules will result in a warning. Continued rule breaking, within the span of 6 months¹, will result in a temporary ban followed by a permanent ban, no exceptions. However, spamming will result in permanent ban.

Room Limits: Currently no room limits.

Rules by Rooms
Image All Ages Rules
This room is rated All Ages, this means:
  • No full on nudity or sexually explicit drawings
  • No scenes of extreme violence or of a graphic nature
  • Mild nudity allowed, not porn
  • Mild violence allowed: blood, weapons, vehicles, wmd etc.
*If you're not sure that your drawings are suited for an All Ages room, then it's recommend to draw in the 18+ Only rooms.

Image 18+ Only
This room is rated 18+ Only, this means:
  • Pretty much anything goes; That is why it's 18+ only

General Rules
Spammers will not be tolerated. This includes:
(Spamming is permanent ban, no exceptions)
  • Clearing the canvas board without consent
  • Combining the entire canvas board without consent
  • Defacing other peoples artwork
  • Verbally abusing others
  • Flooding the chatbox
  • Fighting with the Admins/Moderators
  • Before you leave, please erase your work. This will free up space for the next person.
    ^ This is very important!!! When you erase your work, before you leave stay for a minute or two. This is so the brush strokes you've made (erasing), can be registered.
  • Double Rooming is OK, but no more. No triple(3), quadruple(4), quintuple(5) rooming!!!
  • If afk/brb please write it next to your art with your username, for the reason below.
  • Lurking: Moderators has the right to kick you out of a room if you are lurking. If you're chatting in the chatbox that is fine. You need to be active in the room. If Moderators gets no response from you over a certain amount of time, you will be kicked.
    • Moderators will also check the canvas board if you've written brb/afk(with your username), to consider you not a lurker (you won't be kicked).
Drawing Etiquette:
  • If someone is drawing too close to you, tell them to move. If they do not comply, screen shot it and report it to a moderator. At some level this is considered as spam and result as a warning.

    • If someone tell you to move because you are drawing to close, move.
  • Please do not draw “boxes” of where you are going to work. It's really rude.
  • Do not take up the entire canvas. If you want to take up so much please find an empty room, an oekaki, or an different art program. The pchat is a canvas sharing program. Be considerate of you space.
  • Be polite.

¹ Referring back to Flash's Guide to Moderating.

Rules are decided among the PaintChat Moderators and has been collected from the faq. Rules are posted here for easy access.
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