It's time to shine!

Sketches, Paints, Doodles etc. even an idea. Talk about it. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for creative criticism.
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It's time to shine!

Postby MangaMasters » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:41 am

Hello sweetpeas; As you've noticed this section has gotten a little slim. I want to foremost apologize if you have come back after not being online for a while ( I checked! ), and find your thread to be gone! We've had a lot of hap-hazard posting on here and are trying to refresh the forums as squeaky clean as we possibly can for the upcoming years!

The direction we'd like to see this board move towards is one of sharing and peers inspiring peers; that being said it is NOT a requirement that everything posted here is strictly paintchat... in fact we ENCOURAGE you to upload any traditional/digital artworks, just please be mindful of the pictures size! If it's a bit too big, we'll let you know with a gentle recommendation to size it down a smidgen. In fact, we wouldn't look down upon you linking literary or musical work that YOU created ( please no posting other peoples works! ).

All we ask is that you keep one thread, one sketchbook, to post your items of illustration/design/sketches, music, or literature. There is no quality limitations; your sketchiest work to your most polished work, voice acting audition pieces to bloopers. Just please be mindful of keeping one thread for yourself and placing a 18+ (nsfw) in your title if there is any mature ( sexual or violent ) content.

If you would like critique, then feel free to say so under the piece you wish critiqued.
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