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What's poppin'?

Postby CriticaL » Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:30 am

Hi, my name is CriticaL. I don't actually know why I joined or how active I can say I'll be, but I can certainly introduce myself in better detail.

I am CriticaL, I do YouTube and Twitch as well as being Founder and Co-Leader of an eSports team. I'd consider myself apart of the Kingdom Hearts and YouTube communities, being friends with people like Soraalam1 and EdoNinjaStormHD. I play competitive Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and casual UMvC3 (cause i'm bad at MAHVEL). I also try to liven up a Smash forum called SSBFC, trying to making it more active. I'd say I've done well with that. I use Twitter more than any other Social Media at the moment, that is if you don't count YouTube as a Social Media website considering it's not.

I am 17, but I don't care about being show adult themed things. If you use the internet as much as I have, it'd be clear that I've seen worse.

Either way, looking forward to meeting anyone and everyone.

Oh yeah, I guess I rambled on a bit. I feel like I have been more able to socialize lately, so pardon me for such a long introduction. Doesn't happen often.

oh yeah I like green
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Be nice, I'm new
Be nice, I'm new
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