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Simple Java Fix

Postby lockExe » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:00 am

Step 1: use Firefox

Step 2: uninstall all Java versions
- go into program files/program files(86) and delete each Java folder
- remove from programs through control panel
- restart computer!

Step 3: download Java 7 Update 67 and 79

Step 4: locate javacpl.exe in your Program Files and Program Files(x86), respectively.
Program Files/(x86) > Java > jre7 > bin, this is where you will find javacpl

Step 5: open javacpl.exe and make these changes in the security tab:
- set security levels to the lowest setting (medium), and add these urls to your exception site list:

(make sure to download jtablet from cellosoft for pen pressure on paintchat, i have the test url added to my site exception list but it is not necessary. you can download here:

your settings should look similar to this now:

Step 6: go to the update tab (if there is one) and turn that off!!! never update java! never!
- save all changes and close. restart computer again, just to be safe! uwo

Step 7: be careful what you click when entering paintchat, never update! only proceed to the site.

Happy Pchatting!
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